Thus far the Lord has helped us. (1 Samuel 7:12)

We reached the end of 2020 grateful to our careful and loving God who helped us, gave us strength and sent us here victoriously. The Bible tells us that man may make plans but that it is God’s will that prevails, and 2020 was a year full of surprises and change.

It was a difficult year in which we had to deal with the painful departure of dear friends who left us to join the Lord, one of whom was a coordinating pastor of the project. He was a hard worker and one of the most passionate about the project. He was also one of our closest friends here in Venezuela and he died on a day when we were distributing food baskets for pioneers and other AOG leaders; it was a very difficult time.

It was a year in which we also faced many social and ministerial challenges and a year of overcoming and achieving; in everything, the grace and care of the Lord brought us deliverance. At times, sadness, worry and anxiety weighed heavy on our hearts but, thank God, our spirit and faith did not waver. We believe that despite all challenges and limitations, it is still possible to advance the work of the Lord.

We witnessed growth and the fruits of our work. New churches were opened, the Church was strengthened and we witnessed healings and miracles in our midst. We give gratitude to God for life, for family, for our leaders Lord and Lady Edmiston, for CV, for our team of Brazilian missionaries, for the pioneers, for the church in Brazil and Venezuela, and for our friends and brothers.

Our desire and prayer is that the Lord will bless us with health, renew our hope in him and grant us all wisdom, understanding, and capacity for what he proposes to do.


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