One Hope

Did you know that approximately 91, 000 children in Ukraine are deprived of parental care?

It was this overwhelming statistic that motivated us to create, One Hope, our mentoring project in Ukraine. With assistance from the Department of Child Affairs in Kiev, One Hope was established to provide the best environment possible for an orphaned child to grow and develop.

While a loving family is what everyone needs, Ukraine’s orphans have all been deprived of one. And while there are adults who are passionate about helping these kids, many lack the requirements to raise children themselves (whether it be adequate housing, income, or otherwise). This is where One Hope comes into play. We help adults assist orphans in need through our mentoring program.

Mentoring provides real help for orphaned children in troubled situations. In essence, it is long-term support from an adult friend who possesses the caring qualities being sought after by these kids.

A mentor helps prepare orphans for the challenges of life ahead by teaching them how to become more independent. They focus on general character-building values such as determination, self-confidence, gratefulness, and a thirst to learn. They also help instil cultural, moral, and spiritual values; as well as soft skills like relationship-building and adaptation.

Our mentors are people who are willing to and are capable of dedicating their time and effort to a child long-term, while sharing their personal knowledge, love, and understanding along the way. These adults become important role models and support systems for their orphaned children and already we have seen fantastic results.

Our goal
We aim to connect every Ukrainian orphan with an adult mentor. To achieve such a feat, we are striving to find and train more than 100,000 mentors in Ukraine. We know this will significantly impact our society throughout multiple aspects of life, be it ethical, educational, legislative and so on.

Take a step to being another blessing to these children by visiting the site here.



Taras Dombrovskiy
Taras is the Marketing Manager for CV CIS. Based in Ukraine, he is passionate about reaching people for Christ.
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