Peace for a Troubled Family

CV Outreach connects online explorers, many of whom are struggling or searching for answers, to local churches. This is just one story of a troubled family transformed after being connected to a CV Outreach church partner:

Having arrived at a CV Outreach landing page about marriage in early December 2018, a young woman reached out to one of our church partners who is located close to where she lives. After two and a half months of online correspondence, the woman eventually attended the church. In her subsequent visits, she began to bring each one of her three children until, eventually, the whole family came.

Because of this connection to a local church, the lady and her husband are now working through marriage counselling together, the family is attending church regularly, and they are all actively involved in small groups.

It is continually awe-inspiring for us to see how God is using the resources He’s provided through CV Outreach to help reach people online. We look forward to celebrating more of God’s victories like this one!

Please pray for continual growth in Christ for this woman and her family.


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