The following stories have come from our community teams who have the daily privilege of communicating with the many people that respond to CV’s various digital-evangelism activities.


The lockdown situation in France has recently given us a myriad of opportunities to present the gospel to many different people.

George*, who reached out to us via a Fellow direct-media campaign on FaceBook, was seeking tips on dating a girl for a long term relationship. The conversation quickly turned profound, touching on the suffering behind the need to feel loved. 

I had the opportunity to lead George to Christ but the conversation will need nurturing if I am to help George truly understand how Jesus can change it all for him. Thank you God for the opportunity to shine your name in these complicated times.


It only took a week after I started with CV before I was ready to take part in my first response. With support from my colleagues on what to do, I was able to lead a young mother who was anxious and afraid due to COVID-19, through a salvation prayer, as well as connect her with a church. Jenny* is now even joining the church’s Alpha course! 

Response sits right at the heart of much of what we do in the Community Team, and I can’t wait for the many more conversations about life’s highs and lows. This has really helped reignite my old fires for evangelism; fires buried deep in my heart. Now I’m excited for more! 

In the famous words of hero Private Desmond Doss – Lord, please help me get one more


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