‘Mama Helpful’ Series to Reach Young Adults: China

Series to Reach Young Adults

In China, young adults are longing for romantic love and marriage, but at the same time have very little trust in them. What’s worse, some of them even follow the desires of the sinful nature and practice lustful pleasure. Therefore, the yesHEis China Team has launched a series called ‘Mama Helpful’, which demonstrates the Christian values of love and marriage with humorous dialogues and matching cartoon animations. This series to reach young adults has been shared and used widely by both Christians and non-Christians.

Sarah is a young lady who works in marketing, and she became acquainted with a Christian called Hong through a WeChat group talking about movies. They started talking about the romantic love and marriage in movies and their personal attitudes and values. Sarah said that she was eager for marriage but had no trust in it, and even sometimes followed her lustful desires. But these unhealthy relationships made her less confident in marriage.

Hong sent the articles from the Mama Helpful series to Sarah, which answered her many questions about Christianity. Hong also used the Gospel videos from yesHEis as a tool to answer Sarah’s questions.

Sarah has now subscribed to the contents of yesHEis WeChat, has started going to church and fellowship groups, and will also be baptised soon. She is learning to find her identity in God.

Let’s pray for young adults in China, that God will lead them to Him. Pray also that we will reach more young adults through the platform of yesHEis with the good news of Jesus.


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