Impact Ethiopia

We are so blessed that God has opened doors to allow the CV Africa team to spread the message of Jesus across our amazing continent. 

In a recent trip to Ethiopia our Africa Content Manager, Falonee, built a partnership with a local Ethiopian production team that will allow us to capture the stories of God’s work in Ethiopia. This was just one of the connections made on this trip, the purpose of which was to create a pathway for long-term partnerships for content creation. We are very excited about these new connections and believe that they will allow us to expand our influence in Ethiopia so that we can introduce more people to Jesus.

Due to our new partnership, we were able to create 11 new videos in Ahmaric for use in our recently launched yesHEis Ahmaric app (double the amount we had originally planned!). Since its inception earlier this year, the yesHEis Ahmaric app has already seen 1000 new active users engaging with the app daily!

Please pray that we are able to continue making an impact for Jesus in Ethiopia.


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