Finding Worth in God

Did you know that over 12 thousand people a month type “self worth” into the Google search bar? In our society’s quest for perfection and worthiness, it’s no wonder that so many of us question God and ask why he didn’t make us cuter, smarter, happier, richer, taller….

Born with a large cancerous birthmark, Lindsey endured major skin-expansion surgery in the US when she was just one, which left her with permanent facial scarring. Going through life looking different and attracting unwanted attention and cruel comments, Lindsey always felt different, isolated and alone.

As she got older, Lindsey began to examine her life and started to ask tough questions of God. Through her questioning and self-examination, Lindsey came to see that her relationship with God was all that mattered and that there are no scars and circumstances that make you disqualified from the love of God. With this realisation and insight, Lindsey found freedom, self-acceptance and an eternal bond with Jesus. 

Watch Lindsey’s inspiring video here:


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