Finding Faith and Family

Iryna is a young Ukranian woman who was born with various disabilities and orphaned as an infant. Iryna grew up in an orphanage and only left in 2014 when, as a young adult, she moved to Orlovskoye, a town in Eastern Ukraine and the site of major military actions just two years later. Being an orphan, Iryna knew no one in the town, but locals saw that she was alone and disabled and they donated money to buy her a small home where today she raises goats and turkeys.

When war erupted there in 2016, NPI pioneers reached out to the people of Orlovskoye to provide aid and to share the gospel. They planted a church, worked hard to grow it, and Iryna was one of its first attendees. 

The church embraced Iryna like family and for the first time she felt loved and accepted. Through prayer, love, friendship and learning the Bible, Iryna’s relationship with God grew and she was also baptised at the church. Today, Iryna is 26 and is an active church member, helping with the children’s ministry. Iryna is grateful for her friends and church community. 

Iryna’s life has not been an easy one, but her transformation thus far has incredible and we are excited to see what lies ahead for Iryna. Please pray for her ongoing emotional, physical, financial and spiritual growth.


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