The Story Line

How often do we look at the movies and realise that the basic storyline is the same? There are good people, and then there are evil people. Generally, the good people have a struggle with the evil ones, but eventually the good people win.

Recently, there has been a trend to have a new category of the ‘not-too-evil’ people fighting the very evil ones. It’s funny how we find ourselves hoping that the ‘not-too-evil’ ones win, but the reality is that they are still evil. We are conditioned to think that being a little bit bad is OK.

When we look at the word ‘good’ and take out a single ‘o’, it spells GOD; but when we look at the word ‘evil’ and add a ‘d’ it spells DEVIL.

Good has a source and so does evil. God is good, and everything that is evil emanates from the work of the devil.

The storyline has been the same from the beginning of time, the battle of good against evil. God against the devil. The great thing is as Christians we know the end of the story: God is victorious.

Which side are you on? You are either with God and a follower of his son, Jesus, or you are by default on the other side.

As far as God is concerned there is no such category as ‘a little bit evil’. There are only two classifications – good and evil. You are either following God, or you are on the same path as the devil, in rebellion against God.

How is your storyline going to end?


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