Dreams of a Cross

Emily*, from the Asia Pacific region, was a deeply committed Muslim, unwavering in her faith until a series of strange dreams left her feeling unsettled. The recurring theme in these dreams was always the same – a cross. 

These ongoing dreams cast Emily into a state of bewilderment, as she struggled to decipher the underlying significance of the persistent image of a cross. 

In pursuit of understanding, Emily turned to various Christian accounts on social media, seeking to clarify her unusual experience. In the course of her quest, she made contact with yesHEis, an initiative of CV, via Instagram. The responsive yesHEis community team engaged with Emily after she candidly shared her uncertainties. During their exchanges, the team extended an invitation for her to delve into the symbolism of the cross and encouraged her to embark on a journey of discovering Jesus’ teachings.

The yesHEis team directed Emily’s attention to another branch of CV’s initiatives – Direct – accessible through multiple social media platforms. The Direct account was designed to cater to individuals like Emily, who are inquisitive about Christianity and receptive to exploring the gospel’s teachings. 

In her interactions with the Direct team, Emily opened up about her newfound affinity for Christian music despite her Muslim faith. It was during this period of listening to Christian music that her dreams had started, featuring vivid portrayals of Christian churches, crosses, and other symbols of Christianity.

Through extensive dialogues with the Direct team, Emily gained insights into the biblical accounts of dreams that bore profound spiritual significance. The team explained that within these narratives, some individuals found themselves drawn towards embracing Jesus’ teachings. 

As Emily’s familiarity with biblical narratives deepened, her comfort level with the Direct team increased, fostering a curiosity to explore further. Emily agreed to the Direct team’s suggestion of connecting her with a local church. This connection will provide Emily with a place to broaden her understanding of Jesus and his teachings in a tangible and communal setting.

Please pray for Emily’s journey, that her heart will be open following Christ. Please also pray for CV’s initiatives, yesHEis and Direct, as they persist in nurturing and expanding God’s kingdom through their impactful efforts.


To learn more about yesHEis, visit this link: https://yesheis.com/


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