Daughter’s Faith Saves Mother: Impact Ukraine

Dana*, a 12-year-old girl from Ukraine, grew up without her father. Her mother, Alina*, told the girl that he was constantly on business trips and would come home one day, but Dana eventually realised that he had left them and started a new family.

Although Dana was living with her brother and mother, no one had time for her because her brother brought his girlfriend home most days, and her mother worked a lot. This made the girl isolate herself and interact little with her family, even when she had the chance to.

Dana started to attend one of the teen clubs in the city, which was run by NPI pioneers. Her mother didn’t approve of this, because she had never been to church herself and also knew the pioneers were not Orthodox, which is the predominant branch of Christianity in Ukraine.

A year went by and Alina witnessed her daughter transform from a closed-off child to a hopeful and lively one. The girl began to hope that her father, despite everything that had happened, could return to the family one day and began to talk to her mother and brother more than ever before. Alina expressed her gratitude to the pioneers for helping her child.

Because Alina witnessed how God changed Dana’s heart and made her more sincere and loving towards other people, she became curious about Christianity and started to attend church on her days off work.

The relationship between Dana and her mother is steadily improving. They still have a long way to go, but now they know God and can rely on Him.

Please pray that Dana’s brother will join his family in their pursuit of Christ and they can all grow in their faith together.


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