CV’s First Steps in Nigeria

One of the most challenging – and energising! – aspects of working on the continent of Africa is the incredible diversity our teams need to take into account in any missions activity, whether it be on-the-ground or digital work. That diversity is expressed in language, culture, heritage, and many other factors at play within the continent’s 54 countries. With this in mind, the team at CV Africa has been working hard to connect with a diverse range of churches, ministries, and other partners across the continent to equip and mobilise Christians to share their faith through CV’s exciting digital platforms and initiatives.

One such possibility we’ve been praying about for a while is an opportunity to expose the Church in Nigeria – a country of 200 million people – to projects such as yesHEis, CV Outreach and CV Resources. So, when one of the largest pentecostal denominations in the country invited us to address their leadership team on the value of digital evangelism, we approached this as a unique opportunity to share the burden for the lost that God has placed on our hearts.

In mid-April, Heinz Oldewage and Nick Parker travelled to Lagos, where they were privileged to address almost 6,000 pastors heading up the church’s roughly 4,000 congregations. Received with great openness and excitement, they were able to highlight the unique opportunity we have to share the Gospel in the digital age. They also facilitated a number of practical sessions aimed at delving a little deeper into specific CV initiatives.

We are thankful for the many opportunities that have already arisen from this interaction: Many pastors and media specialists expressed interest in initiatives such as yesHEis and CV Outreach, and work is already underway to on-board churches in various ways. Churches were particularly excited about CV Resources, CV’s newest project aimed at resourcing the church. We truly are excited about the impact flowing from these first steps in the wonderful country of Nigeria!  


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