Over recent months we have seen people becoming increasingly desperate. No jobs means no income; which for many means no food.

We’ve heard time and again that local governments have so far not been able to provide much reassurance or support but with the help of IFES (the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), we were able to connect five people across various Nigerian states with those organising food parcels!

While CV’s focus is primarily to introduce people to Jesus, in recent times we have been able to do more by using our online platforms to generate ‘offline’ care.

Please pray for Africa and for the many people across the nations who are more afraid of going hungry than they are of COVID-19. 

Please pray for the many churches, charities, and NGOs that are gathering resources and doing their best to meet the needs of so many desperate people during this crisis. 

Please pray that food parcels will be delivered quickly and efficiently, and pray that the Church will shine and be the hands and feet of Jesus at this time.


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