A couple of years ago Caleb Meakins, a friend of CV Africa, came into the office to share his story for our ‘54 Stories’ series. He spoke of his grief over the death of his father and how, blessedly, he had come to know Jesus through it all. 

Tragically, Caleb passed away recently but his message of finding peace amidst unimaginable grief and pain, and his complete devotion to living life in full for Jesus, has been inspirational. Caleb’s life and the story he shared about committing to Jesus, and holding fast to his truths, has left quite a legacy.

Caleb’s story has been a catalyst for inspiring people to live bigger and really live their lives for Jesus. His video has since been viewed over 98,000 times on YouTube with hundreds of comments received. One viewer said, “I am reminded of the fragility of life and its temporary nature, but also of the promise and the hope that we have in Him…I have truly been inspired by his (Caleb’s)…and his family’s (life).”

With a heavy heart we ask you to join us in prayer for all those who have watched the video. We pray they will be moved and inspired to live as Caleb did; wholeheartedly for Jesus! We pray that they too have the courage to take risks, in faith, to see that God’s kingdom be established here on earth. 

To watch Caleb’s inspirational story, click HERE.


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