Breaking the chains of witchcraft

The National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) in Madagascar is making a significant impact in the lives of people who are trapped in the dark world of witchcraft and animism. 

Claude* and Yvette*, two pioneers working with NPI, recently presented the Heart of Man charts in the Ambovombe market, reaching out to a diverse crowd of people.

One of the people they reached out to was Mahafonitra*, a 50-year-old man who had been practising as a witch doctor in the area for 15 years. He had come to the market that day to curse someone on behalf of his client, but he heard someone speaking over a megaphone and went closer to listen. 

There, he saw posters illustrating the impact of the gospel on the heart of man. Looking at the images, Mahafonitra felt as though he was seeing a picture of his life.

Overwhelmed with emotion, he asked Claude if he could pray for him to have a new life with Jesus. Claude responded by telling him that if he wanted to follow Jesus, he would first have to take off the witchcraft necklace around his neck. 

Mahafonitra was desperate to be free from the darkness that had enslaved him, so he immediately removed the necklace and received Claude’s prayer. 

He accepted Jesus into his life and invited Claude and Yvette to his house where he shared the gospel with his wife. Thankfully, she also accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour that very day.

Together, they burned all their witchcraft items and began attending church services and bible studies. Mahafonitra’s life was transformed by the power of the gospel, and his story is a testimony to the life-changing impact of NPI’s work.

The NPI team is doing vital work in Madagascar, and their impact is felt in the lives of many people like Mahafonitra. Please pray for Claude and Yvette, that God will continue to bless them and guide them in their ministry. Pray that, like Mahafonitra and his wife, many more people will be freed from the destructive influence of witchcraft and animism in Madagascar.


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