Volunteers Share Hope Online : Ukraine

Each month we receive many messages from people that don’t have any place to go but the internet. Our online volunteers here at CV Ukraine do an incredible job connecting with people and helping them face their fears. We wanted to share a few testimonies from these online conversations:

Kristina* wrote to us and shared that she was carrying a baby. She was considering having an abortion because her boyfriend had left her. Our volunteer was able to write to her and explained the importance of a human life which is a gift from God. Kristina ended up changing her mind and decided to keep her baby. Their correspondence lasted for a few months during which our volunteer did her best to support and encourage this woman in her situation. She told her that God would never leave us nor give us more than we can deal with. Kristina is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her child despite the fact that she might be raising the baby alone. Hearts are being changed through these online conversations! Please pray with us for those that still need hope,

Another young woman, Irina*, was looking for a way out of her depression and stumbled upon our resource online. She said: “I thought – what if you could really help me.” She shared her story with us, explaining that when she was ten years old, her parents’ friends, a married couple, abused her. She never received any support from the people around her and even the psychiatrists didn’t want to touch the topic, suggesting that she not talk about it with others.

All this time, Irina had been living with guilt. She felt used. She believed she could never get through her depression and often thought of suicide. But our volunteer shared her personal testimony with Irina, as well as the hope God brings through relationship with Him. Over time, throughout their correspondence, Irina started feeling relief about her situation. She said that our volunteer became the closest person in her life. Now she’s reading our recommended books and continues to receive support. She is constantly asking questions about God and church, and says that her health and overall behaviour has improved.


Taras Dombrovskiy
Taras is the Marketing Manager for CV CIS. Based in Ukraine, he is passionate about reaching people for Christ.
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