The Gospel Changes Lives : Impact Myanmar

As part of the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI), which empowers indigenous pioneers to build self-sustaining churches, many people are being reached with the Gospel.

Here are a couple of stories from people who have heard the Gospel through our pioneers on the ground in Myanmar:

“My name is Miss July. I grew up as a non-Christian. I first heard about Jesus when I was 13. Then, I got water baptised as I chose to believe in Jesus, but I didn’t have an assurance of salvation then. I doubt if I was really saved. But, in 2017, I was privileged to learn more about Jesus and His works through Pioneer Hung Mana at the one-month Gospel camp. Now, I am filled with joy as I have a full assurance that I am saved and assured to be with Christ eternally. I decided to receive water baptism again in June. No joy is greater than the assurance that I am saved!”

“My name is Win Tin and I am a father of three children. My wife passed away five years ago. The first time I heard about Jesus was in 2004, when Pioneer Mary San Myint Kyi gave me a Gospel tract. The tract taught that man cannot gain eternal life by his own good deeds, except through faith in Jesus. This news was totally different to what I had learnt from my former religion, where we are taught to do good deeds to obtain eternal liberation. There were times that I was very depressed because I couldn’t perform enough merits to save me. When I read the Gospel tract, I was filled with joy and hope that I can be saved by my trust in Jesus. I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour without delay. One day I went to a nearby village, where I heard there were Christians. Pioneer Mary welcomed me and explained everything about Jesus. I started to join the weekly church worship service. This month, I received water baptism and gave my life to follow Jesus.”

Please pray that our national pioneers would continue to be increasingly effective in sharing the Gospel in Myanmar, and that many more lives would be impacted.


Philip Bo Aung Lin
Philip is the CV Myanmar Country Manager. Born in Mandalay, Myanmar, Philip has been a missionary in Ayadaw Town and has worked as the Youth Pastor at Mandalay Mission Baptist Church.
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