The Circle of Life

I recently had the good fortune to be in Tanzania to watch the Great Migration.  My wife, Tracie, and I saw so many amazing sights.  A lake with literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of flamingos moving in squadrons directed by an inner instinct. We saw lions, buffalos, elephants, rhino and also small animals like jackals and mongoose.  We found ourselves amazed at the imagination of God, that He could make so many different creatures.  From the small ant to the giant elephant each of which moved to the rhythm of life and instinctively knew their place.  Somehow or other, each seems to depend on the other to create an environment in which they could live.

We were fortunate enough to see a cheetah stalking a gazelle and with a burst of speed, taking her prey.  Shortly afterwards, we saw a wildebeest giving birth – almost the complete circle of life, from death to birth.  The thing that most amazed us was the birth of this baby wildebeest, because within 15 minutes of being born, after a few stumbling and faltering attempts, which were hilarious for the observer, this new baby found its feet and was able to walk and find the right place to receive sustenance from its mother. How could it just take 15 minutes when for a human being it takes up to a year to learn to walk?  God is amazing.  He has thought of every detail.  If that small animal could not walk moments after birth, it would not survive as part of a migratory herd, let alone, the predatory lions that were in the area.  Of course, it had the support of its mother. Moments after birth, is the time of greatest vulnerability and the time when being hidden amongst the herd and protected by its parent is vital to its survival.

So it is with us as Christians.  When we first come to faith we need to be able to stand quickly because there will be those around who wish to rob us of our faith and the Scripture tells us that the devil is as a roaring lion going around seeking whom he may devour.  We must know where to go to get spiritual sustenance, the Word, prayer and the protection of other Christians within a church setting.

Knowing a little about Africa, I realise that when a lion is roaring, he cannot be hunting at the same time as he is giving away his position.  The roar is intended to communicate with other lions and seek to join up with them.  It may also strike fear into the heart of its prey.  Those are also tactics used by the enemy, who seeks to bring as much opposition as possible against us and he seeks to frighten us, but he is powerless against those who stand in the power and presence of Almighty God.

God provided everything for that new-born creature to survive as He does for Christians who come to Him.  The real danger only arises when you separate yourself from the Mother (Father in the case of Christians) and the herd (fellow Christians), as then you are vulnerable and become easy prey to the predator.


Lord Edmiston
Lord Robert (Bob) Edmiston founded Christian Vision in 1988, inspired by his faith to use his business acumen and resources to contribute to Christian ministry on a global scale. He actively determines CV’s strategic priorities and his businesses continue to fund the organisation’s projects around the world.
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