Thiago Vale

Thiago Vale

1 Jun 2017

Steps Lead to Partnership : Brazil

Brazil has had a varied month with some new and exciting steps leading to fresh partnerships. But first, a testimony from the yesHEis campaign:

“Hi, I used to be addicted to drugs but I was freed by the blood of Jesus four years ago by the grace of God.”

The goodness of God is continuing to be displayed, and after several months of prayers and conversations another positive step has been taken. We have been able to partner with Ps. Ricardo Robortella who organises a Missionary School and the Clamor pelas Nações conference and is a great singer. This is a wonderful connection for us and will continue to help us establish our mission. Our yesHEis campaign is being shared at our Regional Conference in São Paulo where we will also be able to bring an encouraging word. Please continue to pray for CV Brazil to be further establish itself, including transition to São Paulo as well as for setting up a team of candidates who are willing to join us and serve the great commission to see the Kingdom of Heaven revealed in this nation.


Thiago Vale
Thiago Vale is Country Manager at CV Latin America. Born in Brazil, he was a missionary with his family in Mozambique, then a Systems Analyst and Auxiliary Pastor at a local church in Manaus. He loves technology, making new friends, and hanging out with his family.
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