Tim Doecke

Tim Doecke

6 Jun 2017

New Responses & New Partnerships : Australia

Throughout May, CV Australia has connected with multiple people in need of prayer and help. Below are just a few examples of stories we were a part of last month.

Jess* saw one of our videos and made contact with us saying “I just know that the life I am living isn’t right but then again I don’t know how to stop and do the right thing”. We were able to chat through this and lead her in a prayer to follow Jesus. We directed her straight away to a church which she attended the following day. God was already at work ahead of her as she met an old friend there, got prayed for by one of the pastors and given a Bible. Her words “Its was the best thing ever I’m so glad I went.. pastors prayed for me and it was the most beautiful feeling I’ve felt in a long time.”

Amy* has been reminded of how great God is. She has struggled to get connected to a local church so we have helped her to connect to one close to where she lives.

We often have people struggling to understand how God can love them or want to connect with him. We were asked this question on live chat “I don’t really know God and I find it hard to believe he wants to connect with me”, we have been able to chat through how to connect with God and follow up with another video to explain this in more detail. We are praying this person will make a commitment.

In other news, the Australia/New Zealand team recently commissioned a creative agency in Auckland to create their first New Zealand yesHEis content piece, ‘Unlikely Friend.’ The brief was to produce a social experiment style video themed around ‘misconceptions’ – with the hope to spark conversations around misconceptions people have toward God.

You can watch the video here


Tim Doecke
Tim is a Marketing Specialist for CV Australia. A certified ‘People Person’ he enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life. In his spare time he likes reading books, kayaking and has a slight obsession with vintage synthesisers.
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