Renny Yosinta

Renny Yosinta

29 Jun 2017

Lives Transformed Through the Gospel : Indonesia

Our team in Indonesia have been seeing lives changed with the Gospel, through yesHEis. Here are some of the stories:

There is a girl named AP*, who was introduced by a friend to Jesus right when she needed Him the most. AP had almost ended her life, but her friend started a conversation about Jesus. She told AP that nothing is a coincidence and that their meeting each other had been set up by God. AP was from an anti-Christian background, got divorced from her husband four years ago, and has a son from her previous marriage. She began to come routinely to church by herself, but she had not found a role model or someone who can help her to know Christ better. AP found yesHEis through social media. She opened her story to us and wanted to be followed up. So of course, we did! She is now being followed up by the local church. Praise Jesus!

A 16 year old teenager called H* came to know Jesus from a deeply religious, anti-Christian background 2 years ago. Just as the Bible says that life will not be easy, H was confronted by his family, especially his mother. He has been secretly going to church for the last two years, but one day he got busted by his mum. He was almost kicked out of the house and he compromised his faith, but only for a while. He just can’t help that he wants to know Jesus more! Praise Jesus that H wanted to be followed up by the yesHEis responders team. He has now joined a local church and is being mentored.

Good news, a girl named B* came to know Jesus several months ago! The bad news is, B is trailing away from Jesus. She doesn’t have a solid foundation in her faith yet. B feels that there is still something holding her back, and she’s still learning how to discern God’s voice in her life. In fact, she feels that she is in the middle of the road now, deciding to either walk away from Jesus or not. But, we are thankful to God that we were able to connect B with a person who can help her to know Jesus better. Please pray for B, and for her journey to get to know Jesus in a local church.

Please pray for all of the people in Indonesia who are being touched with the Gospel message through yesHEis. Please also pray for our Gospel video production, that we would have Godly concepts and creativity. Please pray also for the preparations for the Mission Gathering in Medan in July and our OMG (Online Missionary Generation) Filmmaking Masterclass 2017 in Bali.


Renny Yosinta
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