No Longer Broken : India

Prisha is a young girl in India who contacted our team online one day feeling lost and anxious. She had her reasons, and though closed initially, she eventually opened up about what had been bothering her – she was heartbroken. A failed relationship had left her shattered and was causing her to question her self-value. She began wondering whether or not all her pain was worth living through and wanted to end it all. Prisha felt ashamed, hopeless, and unable to share her pain with anyone, including her own family.

Our CV India team was there to listen when she needed someone most – this was the first step to helping Prisha on her journey to Christ. We then connected her with a counsellor, one who constantly prayed with her, and for her. It wasn’t long after this that she went to a church for the first time in her life.

Prisha is now well on her path to recovery and Jesus is helping her put all the pieces of her heart back together. She has not looked back since.

We love it when someone in need is able to connect with our team members who can then step in and be God’s mouthpiece of hope. Each conversation has eternal purpose and we continue to pray that the broken and lost would be met in their hour of need through our teams and global partners around the world.


Luciya George Samuel
Luciya is the Marketing Manager for CV India. She grew up in the Middle East but moved back to India in 2010. Luciya loves people and always has a big smile on her face.
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