Impacting A War Zone : Eastern Ukraine

Our National Pioneers are making a serious impact in the war zone of Eastern Ukraine. Our missionaries regularly make trips around their dangerous ministry locations to find people in need, providing them with clothes, food, first aid kits and other necessities.

During one of their recent trips to give out hygiene kits to bedridden people, they found a 92 year old woman who was extremely happy to meet them. The woman had heard about our hot lunches that our volunteer center had been providing for those in need, but unfortunately she was too old to get to the center herself. She told our missionaries that she had been praying for someone to bring her food.

This touched their hearts so much that they immediately organized for the regular delivery of meals to her home from that day on. This woman is now thankful to God for not only getting a hygiene kit, but also for seeing her prayer answered and for encountering people who were truly ready to demonstrate the love of Christ.

We also have a story to share about a man in Avdeevka, a place where the shooting and bombing never stops. This man spent two nights in the warming center of our church, but after he returned home he was stunned. The glass in his bedroom was broken and the walls and ceiling were perforated with the fragments of the blast. A bomb had hit the yard in front of his apartment building and many other apartments in his tower were impacted. In fact, one of his neighbors on the first floor died as a result of the blast. The man we met is now praising God for His protection and mercy. It’s such a blessing that our church was nearby so that he could seek refuge on that terrifying night.


Taras Dombrovskiy
Taras is the Marketing Manager for CV CIS. Based in Ukraine, he is passionate about reaching people for Christ.
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