Morag Paton

Morag Paton

11 Jan 2019

Holy Spirit Restores Emotional Health: Australia

Jack* reached out to us via the yesHEis app. He was in a very bad place because his wife had left him for another man. He said things like “I have lost all hope” and “God wasn’t on my side”.

A CV team member shared with Jack about God’s heart and told him about Jesus. After hearing the good news, Jack began to be more hopeful. The team member offered to connect the man to a local church and he agreed.

This week, they reached someone at the church and arranged for Jack to visit on Sunday. The church will not only help to nurture the man’s new faith but also be a support network that will help him to fully restore his emotional and mental health. Jack now wants to let people know how good God has been to him, a powerful testimony, that will help him to reach others and spread the good news.  

Please pray for people in local churches to provide the support and kindness people like Jack need to recover quickly and grow in their faith.


Morag Paton
Morag is passionate about sharing Jesus, and equipping others to do the same. Morag’s contagious enthusiasm helps people to see that evangelism is exciting and not something to be feared. In her current role as Community Manager across Australia and New Zealand, she has extensive experience in sharing the gospel in the online space and seeing people come to know God.
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