Davi Sampaio

Davi Sampaio

8 Aug 2017

God Is In Control : Impact Venezuela

“But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.” Psalm 5:11

We want to begin this report by giving praise and thanks to the Lord, for a great victory received this month: our Venezuelan visa!

In the May news, we asked for prayer to miraculously obtain our visa since we had been fighting for almost two years. Things had become complicated and to human eyes it was increasingly difficult to obtain the visa.

We connected with the National Director of the Immigration Department and talked about our work carried out all over Venezuela, and also about CV projects around the world. She felt touched and told us that, although she had left the position of National Director for a few years, she knew that God had her return in April with a mission to fulfill – to help missionaries. She asked us to prepare some documents and bring all of our staff to meet her.

We prepared everything as she asked, and we were surprised at how we were received and treated in that place. Documents that would take months to receive, we got in a few hours. The whole process that would take up to one year, was completed in just one day.

The most exciting thing was that, after she handed us the visas, she invited us to come into her room to pray for her, her family and for some of the staff from the department. It was a very special moment and we felt the presence of God. We believe that God has control of everything and this is more confirmation that God has brought us to this place.

Venezuela is in a very serious situation, and we are living in worrying days where the consolidation of the dictatorship is eminent. It is inevitable to feel sad and worried about what we have seen. The violence is becoming extreme, the economy of the country is destroyed, the rights of the population are violated, and there is a lack of food and medicine. But, in the midst of such adversities, the Lord has shown His goodness toward His people, operating miracles and providing what is necessary.

There are rumors that missionaries will be expelled from the country due to the new leadership, and that it will become more difficult to preach the Gospel. Please pray that this does not happen and that we can continue to do the work of God here in Venezuela.


Davi Sampaio
Davi is a pastor from Brazil and the Project Director for Latin America NPI. After doing missions for 13 years in East Timor, he is now living in Venezuela with his wife Zilnéia and son Elias. He speaks four languages and has a passion for planting churches.
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