Fruitful Gospel Camps : Myanmar

Myanmar have had a fruitful month with many coming to Christ at their gospel camps. They also spent time with CV Indonesia in training and enjoyed a leadership seminar where they were encouraged and equipped for the work of the ministry.

Myanmar’s New Year Festival lasts for 5 days and many churches use this time to host gospel camps and gatherings in the cities and towns. Many young Christians and their Buddhist friends join the various events. We have 187 pioneers in the field and most of them participate in the camps which have become very fruitful for the Kingdom. During this time over 40 people received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and were baptised before God and men. Here is one testimony:  

“I live in Ngwe Daw Kyi Kong village, Mandalay. One day I went to downtown of Mandalay to repair a house which belongs to Pioneer Par Chin. As I spent a week repairing her house, pioneer Par Chin told me about Christ. I had no interest in her stories at first, but on the third day I got intrigued and listened to her explanation of how sinful people are and how much God loves these people, along with what He did for the them. After finishing repairs, Pioneer Par Chin asked for my phone number and address. One day she came to my house and had fellowship with my family where she shared to us about Christ. My family warmly welcomed her; and so she came over weekly. She also took us to church and gave us chance to hear the preaching by Pastor Ma Mang whenever there was gospel training and/or teaching class. One day I asked Pioneer Par Chin that I wanted to receive a water baptism but she said me to study and listen more of Christ. During Water Festival period, our whole family was invited to their gospel camp. 4 family members and I joined the camp and listened to the gospel as a family. There I decided to become a follower of Christ and got baptised by the hands of Pastor Ma Mang. Now my son is the only one left unsaved. Please support us by prayer so that my son may also know Christ and receive Him as his personal Savior.”

Training is always an important part of CV Myanmar and five staff members from our team visited the CV Indonesia office and learnt about media and mission works both on the ground as well as online. We spent ten inspiring days there which included joining the RARE Leadership Seminar led by David Tensen. We enjoyed a great time learning from each other and building each other up in God. Such a fellowship has certainly helped further strengthen our team.

We were also excited to join the leadership seminar in Pyinoolwin, Myanmar conducted by Barnabas School of Leadership with 25 other church and ministry leaders from all different parts of Myanmar. Over six days we learnt about the biblical models of Christian leadership and mentoring. It was a great opportunity to build up our leadership capacity and ministry networks.

Please pray for the comfort of our bereaved family of Pastor Steven Piang No who was called to his heavenly home in late April. Pastor Piang No was a mission partner for three years with the NPI Myanmar.


Philip Bo Aung Lin
Philip is the CV Myanmar Country Manager. Born in Mandalay, Myanmar, Philip has been a missionary in Ayadaw Town and has worked as the Youth Pastor at Mandalay Mission Baptist Church.
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