Lorna Spina

Lorna Spina

5 Jun 2017

An Archbishop’s Heart for Evangelism : UK

CV UK have an exciting partnership developing with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. The Archbishop has a heart and passion for evangelism and the Church of England are developing some exciting initiatives to encourage evangelism in its congregations.

We have been supporting the “Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative this month, encouraging people to pray at Pentecost. The Archbishop kindly wrote a blog for us, sharing his thoughts on the initiative and what it is to be a witness. Also, we will soon be creating some video content with the Archbishop which we are really excited about!

Thy Kingdom Come website

yesHEis blog by The Archbishop here


Lorna Spina
Based in the CV UK office, Lorna is in charge of Marketing for the UK team. She lived in the US for 10 years with her American husband and 2 girls before moving back to the UK. Prior to joining CV, she spent many years in church leadership alongside her husband and continues having a heart for evangelism and discipleship. Lorna loves all things “arts” and “retro”!
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