Thiago Vale

Thiago Vale

2 May 2017

An Excited WhatsApp Sharer : Brazil

We are glad to say that everything is moving along with our new office for CV Brazil as we establish our home here in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo. We will be up and running in the new building in just a few weeks. Although it has been a challenge, God has been helping and guiding us through the transition.

Though it has been a very busy season, our team was able to visit two different churches and their pastors last month. Another event we attended was the National Assembly of God Convention. These visits are great opportunities to meet more leaders and pastors around the country.

We are extremely encouraged in the work we continue to do here as testimonies are received each month. One user from Sao Paulo shared some exciting news with us: “I have sent a video from yesHEis to my WhatsApp group and a few minutes later a person came on to talk to me, wanting to know more about Jesus! Congratulations for the team for this tool.”

Please continue to pray for guidance that we can build up a good team here in Brazil, and for my family, that they can adapt smoothly in Guarulhos.


Thiago Vale
Thiago Vale is Country Manager at CV Latin America. Born in Brazil, he was a missionary with his family in Mozambique, then a Systems Analyst and Auxiliary Pastor at a local church in Manaus. He loves technology, making new friends, and hanging out with his family.
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