Ben Scales

Ben Scales

28 Mar 2017

A Family Baptised : Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is our latest NPI addition and we are excited to see small beginnings turn into a great impact on this nation! Here is a small report from Sri Lanka that has just come in from one of our pioneers. He shares of baptisms happening in a local river within a strong Buddhist area. Praise God!

“I recently met with a family that has faced much persecution for their faith. The wife, Hiruni*, and her husband and two children are living in a Buddhist stronghold. Since they came to know the Lord they have been through intense persecution from every direction. Their parents and relatives have rejected them and refuse to accept that they are Christians now. Their neighbors are also refusing to have relationship with them, as their village is in a Buddhist area.

In spite of all these circumstances, Hiruni and her family have stood strong in their faith in the Lord. During this time of persecution they contacted me over the phone and requested me to come visit. In turn I received them in my church as they expressed their desire to be baptised!

This last month, in a local river, the family was baptised, proclaiming Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. Glory to God.”


Ben Scales
Ben is the South Asia Manager for CV, overseeing and pioneering our ‘Touch A Billion’ and ‘Impact A Nation’ strategies in the South Asia region.
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