Africa & Middle East

The regional hub for Africa and Middle East operates out of Cape Town, South Africa in a purpose-built former radio station facility where the majority of the African staff are located. Lusaka, Zambia is the second African location, housing Radio Christian Voice, an influential regional radio station and broadcasting facility.

The Middle East team operates out of Cairo, Egypt. The main office is located in the heart of this ancient, bustling and fascinating city, not far from the shores of the Nile, the Egyptian Museum and the bazaars of old Cairo.


Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific, CV employs more than 130 staff members across 9 locations. The regional hub operates out of Maroochydore, Australia, in a brand new, designer space alongside the Maroochy River.

Additional satellite offices are located in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh and China, with remote team members also located in New Zealand and Korea.

Key regional initiatives in this region contribute an additional 160+ volunteers and 240+ NPI pioneers.



CV employs more than 70 staff members across Europe. The main offices are located in the UK and Ukraine, with satellite offices in France, Germany, Russia and Armenia.

The UK office is the regional hub for the UK and Western European teams, as well as the global administrative team. The new office, The Rock, was built in 2019 in Solihull, England, and is a beautiful, state-of-the-art building that provides multiple agile and tech-enabled meeting and working spaces as well as a fully equipped video editing suite.

The Ukraine office is based in the historically significant district of Kiev, close to the Golden Gate, the main entrance to the old city. It is also believed to be where the Apostle Andrew planted a cross and prophesied that the sparsely inhabited area would become a great city, which today is Kiev, a centre of the Eastern Orthodox faith. Key regional initiatives in this region contribute an additional 250+ volunteers and 210+ NPI pioneers.



In the Americas, CV employs approximately 70 staff members across six locations. The main offices are located in Miami, Florida and McKinney, Texas with satellite offices in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela. The regional hub in Miami is located in the heart of South Florida’s cultural melting pot. With its subtropical climate, scenic beaches and flood of cultural influences, Miami is the perfect place to come in contact with a plethora of amazing people from all over the globe. Key regional initiatives in this region contribute an additional 20+ volunteers and 200+ NPI pioneers.