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What We Do
CV projects aim to introduce people to Jesus and fall under two key strategies: Touch-a-Billion and Impact-a-Nation. These strategies form the framework of everything we do at CV.


Touch-a-Billion projects use effective media platforms to introduce people to Jesus in the world’s major languages, and mobilise Christians to share their faith.

In the early days, this was predominantly achieved through shortwave radio but now this strategy is primarily engaged in distributing Christian content like video, articles and interviews, across a range of internet platforms such as websites, social media, apps, blogs, podcasts and radio.

Currently, CV runs multiple Touch-a-Billion projects globally introducing millions to Jesus each month. Our dedicated community teams ensure that people who respond to our content are connected into local churches wherever possible.


Impact-a-Nation projects are on-the-ground initiatives that aim to raise the spiritual climate of a nation by significantly impacting local communities through church planting, leadership development, education, skills training, mentoring and humanitarian aid.

In the early days, CV pioneered Impact-a-Nation projects in developing or war-torn nations like Philippines, Poland, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola and East Timor, sending mission workers from overseas to train up local leaders. Now, our primary program is the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI): a uniquely effective system of empowering indigenous pioneers to build self-sustaining churches. Programs are currently underway in Madagascar, Venezuela, Eastern Ukraine, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the EU.