After her mother’s death, Olga* found herself all alone. She stopped talking to people and leaving the house, cutting herself off from her contacts. There were even several suicide attempts. 

Upon learning about Olga’s story, the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) team in Europe immediately mobilised and made a home visit. This is their story.

We were welcomed in and just listened, but before we left we shared the gospel and prayed with Olga. 

Two days later we visited again. Olga told us how much better our visits were making her feel but she wasn’t quite sure why. We talked more about Jesus and his call for her to accept his love because he had plans for her. 

Olga listened with intent and began opening up even more, telling us that her sister was trying to kill her, that her brother’s wife was bullying her, and that she had no will power to get out of bed anymore.

We started praying with Olga, which brought her to tears. She then asked why we cared so much about her. We explained that we are merely tools that have been sent to show God’s love.

Olga wanted to learn more about God, so we gave her a Bible and some passages to read. It was then that we learnt she did not have the skills to read. So we continued to pray. 

We want Olga to know that she is not alone and that Jesus loves her so much that he gave up his life for her and others like her, so they may have a place in God’s kingdom.

We continue to pray for Olga while we find an audio solution in her native tongue. We pray that she continues her journey toward Jesus so that she too may feel his blessing.

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