Hope in Tragedy

One day a man came to a tent that belonged to the ministry of the NPI pioneers in Eastern Ukraine. He asked if they baptise children, according to the Orthodox tradition. The man had heard about Jesus when he was in jail and he had already asked Jesus for forgiveness. Following this first visit to the tent, the whole family began to attend the gathering.

The wife in this family, however, wasn’t really interested in God and was attending the church only to support her husband. Every Sunday her husband would ask the church to pray for the salvation of his wife. Soon, she repented and got baptised.

Sadly, a very painful time then fell on the lady. She spent time in the hospital with her youngest child. During that time, her husband had a breakdown and they began to have serious arguments. Two weeks later, he died of a drug overdose.  

Where do you go when you suddenly became a widow and you need help? The wife knew of no place in which she could find refuge in her storm, except for the church she attended with her husband. It was always there. The woman had no money to bury her husband and the church helped her with the funeral. The pioneers organised the whole process.

After the tragic event, and being left with two children and no money for living, the woman turned to God instead of falling into depression. She found her refuge under His wings, read the Bible a lot and made her apartment available for gatherings. Her home was filled with people and songs of praise. She was then trained as a mentor and began leading the home group as well as children’s club. The church became her new family and she is fearlessly sharing with others about the love of God.

Please pray that the widow’s faith is continually strengthened, and for her financial situation and children.


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