A Throne

When we think of a throne, we think of someone who is sat upon it, who rules and reigns over a particular dominion. In past centuries, some who sat upon the throne were good rulers, others were bad rulers. The throne speaks of authority, power and judgement and those who sat on a throne often had the power of life and death over those who stood before them.

There is a throne in heaven and there is one who sits upon it, the eternal I AM. God, the judge of all the earth, is awesome, majestic, all powerful. His throne is described in Revelation chapter four as being surrounded by a rainbow that shone like an emerald with 24 elders on smaller thrones and four beasts which represent the pinnacle of various aspects of his creation. Out of the throne came lightening, thunder and voices. All those before the throne worshipped him who sat upon the throne, who looked liked jasper and ruby, and cried: “You are worthy oh Lord to receive glory and honour and power, for you have created all things”.

There is a throne in every heart. The only thing that differs is who or what is seated on it. We can never be bigger than what we worship. Some thrones are occupied by money, power, fame, celebrity, friends, family, pleasures, addictions or even themselves. If we have invited Jesus into our hearts, then he should be seated on our throne. It is his rightful place. God is our creator. Jesus is our redeemer and he will not share his throne with another.

 You have a throne in your life. Who is seated upon it? Who, or what, do you worship and follow the commands of? Anyone other than the King of kings and the Lord of lords is a usurper.


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