YouTube Video Sparks Faith in Teen’s Heart: New Zealand

Our yesHEis Community Team for New Zealand received a message from a young Christian, who was looking for help with their Bible study.

Our team asked if they were connected to a church, so they could study the Bible together with others of their age group but, to our surprise, they answered: “I’m only 13 so I don’t think I am allowed in a church by myself.”

The young yesHEis user had watched a video on YouTube and made a commitment to follow Jesus. They now wanted to read the Bible and get to know Him but didn’t know any other Christians.

Because we knew a church with a great youth group in the area, we connected the parents with the local youth leader and they dropped their child off at the group in the following week.

A few days later we followed up with the young Christian to find out how the youth group went for them. They responded: “I did go. It went pretty amazing! In the youth group, it’s much easier to make friends than in school. And Church was pretty exciting, I can’t wait to go again.” They are now also wanting to invite their parents to come along to church next Sunday.

Please pray for people in our community that have no Christians in their lives, that their hearts and eyes will be opened and they too will find peace in Christ.


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