yesHEis Video adds Kingdom Souls: Armenia

Our yesHEis featured video with Artur Simonyan is adding souls to the Kingdom in Armenia. A team member this month has had the opportunity to connect with four Armenian ladies who were impacted by the video. The women responded in writing after seeing the video and reached out in repentance seeking Jesus for salvation. When our volunteer was able to meet with them, one lady spoke of her deep sadness and depression caused by her family. Another was in a lot of emotional pain from loss of hope, but she was also thirsty for God. After spending time sharing their life stories and praying with our team member, both ladies repented and turned to Jesus. Now, they are both attending church and seeing their lives transformed. Many more, as they share their stories via correspondence, are happy to know that they are being prayed for and they can share their stories freely. We love that we have the opportunity to connect with people who have been impacted by the message of Jesus in yesHEis videos and have the choice to enter the Kingdom of God. Keep praying for our yesHEis missionaries to receive more tools for ministry and spreading the word as well as for the development of yesHEis churches and open hearts for those who are exploring.


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