We created yesHEis to help inspire, train and challenge normal, everyday Christians to be able to confidently talk to people about Jesus.

After shifting from an app focused strategy built around a video sharing goal, to a multi-channel mobilisation strategy that adds inspire and train goals, our community is well on its way to surpassing four million Christians with over 10 million engagements per month.

However, are these just big numbers or is the strategy actually working?

  • Are Christians being inspired to share their faith in their everyday lives?
  • Are we teaching valuable material that genuinely helps people overcome fear?
  • Do Christians find our sharable resources useful and, when they share them, do they introduce people to Jesus?

The yesHEis community teams have been gathering comments and testimonies for a while now and the verdict is in: it’s a resounding YES!

Please take some time to read some of the comments below, because they tell a story that big numbers can’t – and the story is that a genuine movement is building around Life on Mission and is making an impact.

*yesHEis is an initiative of CV and a key part of CV’s work mobilising Christians to share their faith.

What people are saying about yesHEis:

I am here because I have been challenged to share the gospel in my small group, but fear is taking over me. I was feeling weak and incapable but after this video, I feel stronger!


This post came right in time… an old friend sent me a message this morning saying he wanted to become a Christian because he felt so at peace when he prayed in Christian ways. I had no clue how to respond. Now I know! Thanks, yesHEis!


Thank you for equipping us to realise it’s not as hard as we make it out to be – especially with the help of the Holy Spirit! Bless you guys, keep doing what you’re doing!


Jessica reached out saying was feeling too shy to share her faith. She was also busy being a mom, a housewife, and an employee. We started to talk about how to enjoy the simple opportunities for sharing Jesus, and how to invest in her own relationship with God. These things influence the way we share our faith. This is Life on Mission.

For tips on how to follow and talk about Jesus, we invite you to visit @yesHEis on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok  and live #LifeOnMission.


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