yesHEis Helps YouTube Star: France

Last year we launched the Happiness campaign. It was aiming to help people find Jesus through questions like: ‘What is happiness?’ and ‘How to really be happy in life’. As we had hundreds of conversations in response to this campaign, we stopped advertising it.

Our French Community Manager got the chance to connect with a famous YouTuber in France who recently gave his life to Jesus and wants to use his channel to help people find Jesus. We got in contact to help him navigate this big turn on his channel. He made a video on how to recover from a break-up and led people to our Happiness campaign so they could talk to us and find solutions to their problems.

With that, many people are contacting us, mainly through WhatsApp. Just by giving them our phone number and asking them to contact us, we are able to have deep conversations about identity crises, self-esteem, true love and relationships.

We worked  hard to build trust with this new audience on WhatsApp, always looking for an opportunity to talk about Jesus and how He is the perfect solution for their problems.

Please pray for these WhatsApp conversations to be fruitful and impact people’s lives with the power of Christ.


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