yesHEis App Leads to Hope After Emotional Trauma: New Zealand

Mason* was homeless and struggled with an alcohol addiction. After he experienced the death of a family member, his situation became even worse.

Through a conversation in the yesHEis app, Mason could connect to us at CV New Zealand. Our conversation started off with Mason saying things like “It’s like I’m lost, disconnected, everything is overwhelming right now.”

We helped Mason to assess his current situation and shared about Jesus with him.

Mason had prayed to follow Jesus before but wasn’t sure he had meant it, so we offered to guide him in prayer, which he gladly agreed to. After he made the conscious decision to renew his walk with Jesus, we connected him to someone local, who could help him grown in faith and overcome his hardships.

Mason is doing much better emotionally, now that he has someone who can give him the support he needs. After praying and organising the local connection he said to us: “I feel ok. There’s still a lot of stuff to deal with but I’ll get through.” His renewed faith has transformed the way he sees life.

Please pray for strong local Christian connection that welcome people like Mason, so they can get back on their feet quickly and have a community around them providing the support they need.


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