yesHEis Africa

CV Africa Community Manager, Nick Parker, recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia where he introduced the yesHEis app to a number of Ethiopian churches, leaders and youth ministries. Since Nick’s return, the app has grown to over 4,600 monthly active users!

The translation of the yesHEis into Amharic, Ethiopia’s official national language spoken by over 100 million people, has made it accessible to many in Ethiopia. 

During his trip, Nick met with influential Christian leaders and discussed the potential for the yesHEis app and other CV initiatives to have an ongoing and meaningful impact on the people of Ethiopia.

We are grateful for the early success of yesHEis in Ethiopia, and that a solid foundation has now been built to allow for a much greater future impact in the country. We look forward to being able to continue to impact the region and spread the gospel.


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