Last November, 68-year-old Madagascan farmer, Nia, was confronted by a mob and her community president and accused of stealing the motorbike which had suddenly appeared on her property.

Despite Nia’s pleas of innocence she was arrested and taken into custody. Failing again to convince authorities of her innocence she was imprisoned.

For six months Nia cried for justice until one day she met one of our pioneers from the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) who regularly visited the prison to share the message of Jesus.

Nia began to meet with the pioneer weekly. She undertook bible study and joined in prayer, where she accepted that while her body was incarcerated, her heart and mind were not. Through prayer, Nia started to believe that justice would one day prevail. 

In June this year, Nia was called into the prison warden’s office and informed she was being released. She instantly felt that her prayers had been answered. ‘Now that I am a free woman’, she said, ‘I will tell everybody what Jesus did in my life. He is my advocate and my saviour.’

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