Would God Even Look At Me?: New Zealand

Ronald* came in to chat with us via the Jesus Bot on Facebook and was pretty open about where he stood with God. He told us that he was getting sick, was stressed and needed mental therapy. In his words, he would “do anything to have a conversation with God. Just tell me how. I’m filled with all this bad stuff. I don’t think he (God) would even look at me.”

After we lead him to pray a repentance prayer, Ronald said, “I was in tears the whole time and I’m still crying.” Ronald was moved by the whole experience and asked if we could help him get in contact with a local church. So we did.

That said, Ronald wasn’t entirely sure about attending a church service because he was worried he would be judged. God already had things sorted though, as the church happened to be running an Alpha course starting that week, and so Ronald joined. He thanked us “so much” for connecting him there and plans to complete the course. We pray that he finds a church family there who recognise him as part of the family of God.

Please pray for more connections with people just like Ronald.


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