Woman Freed from Fear of Hereditary Curse: Armenia

A woman from Armenia contacted us seven months ago. She feared that her family suffered from a hereditary curse because every March, since 2008, she had something strange and unfortunate happen to her. The woman told us that her parents had both died before they turned 59 and asked for prayer to be set free from any possible curses she could be under.

One of our online volunteers told her about Jesus, the comfort of the Holy Spirit and the power of God. Our Team prayed for her and kept in close contact. We assured her that she could trust God with all situations in her life and suggested for her to read the Bible and go to church to discover and learn about the power of God herself.

Seven months went by without hearing from the woman, but recently she sent us a letter, saying: I am very thankful to your whole team. Thank you very much for your prayers. I am free from any curse. I started attending the church. Praise God for everything.”

Please pray for people like this woman, who feel trapped or even cursed, that they may find peace and freedom in Christ.


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