Widow Finds Hope and a Livelihood: Southeast Asia

Healed from disease

My name is Daw Nan*, and I once was a Buddhist. My husband passed away three years ago and I have 13 children. Upon the death of my husband, I felt so desperate and lacked hope. I had no way to support my children. Whenever I thought about my family’s future, I was so stressed that I vomited blood six times a day.

When I felt discouraged, I would go to places where people were gambling. There, I argued and fought with both women and men. That was how I spent my life.

One day I wanted to go to the Spirit Festival at Taung Pyone village. I took Pioneer James and Daniel’s bike taxi. Pioneer James and Daniel were working as part of the NPI, to tell Buddhists in my country about Jesus. So on the way to the Spirit Festival and on the way back home, they told me about Jesus Christ. I listened carefully, but I vomited again on the way. Pioneer James and Daniel were so worried. They urged me to go to hospital, but I would not go.

Later, they came and prayed for me. They also shared with me about Jesus Christ again and again. Then I asked them, “Can I pray for myself to God?” and they said, “Yes, please do.”

I prayed: “God, I want to be healed from this disease within three days.” God listened to my prayer and He answered! My sickness was completely healed within three days. Therefore, I started going to church regularly and listened to God’s word carefully. Later, I was baptised with one of my sons.

Because I was struggling so hard to make a living for my family, James showed me how to plant mushrooms. He even gave me a small amount of money to start with until we made a profit from growing the mushrooms. He helped me solve my family’s survival problem with the mushrooms. Now, I am telling all my children about Jesus. I ‘ll keep on telling them until they are saved.

Please pray for the NPI pioneers in Southeast Asia, who are impacting their communities with the Gospel. Pray also that all of Daw Nan’s children would come to know Jesus.


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