Who is Jesus For You?

Lou Torres, one of our featured writers for CVCLAVOZ, wrote this moving blog about an impactful encounter that she had with a young girl whilst working as a translator. Her blog reminds us of God’s greatness and love, and reminds us to examine who Jesus is to us. This blog has been translated from Spanish.

Who is Jesus for you? 

I recently volunteered to work as a translator for a group of Korean-Americans who came to my country to do social work and evangelism. The doctor with whom I worked was not only concerned with treating people’s physical illnesses, but also shared about Jesus with them. He asked the patients if they knew who Jesus is and who he is for them. The answers were varied but, of all of them, one was recorded in my memory: that of an eleven year old girl.

When the doctor asked her: “Who is Jesus for you?” without hesitation the girl replied: “Jesus is my father. My parents got divorced. My dad abandoned us and left with another woman. I stayed with my grandpa and my mother, but last year my grandpa died of cancer, so now my only father is Jesus”.

For a moment, I did not know what to say or how to react. I had never heard a girl speak so firmly and with such conviction about something so painful. As she shared more details of her life, we realised how difficult her life was. But despite the toxic and violent environment in which she lived, the girl did not hesitate to affirm who Jesus is for her.

This made me think of how many of us can affirm with certainty who Jesus is for us. Maybe we can repeat what we heard in church or say something that we do not really feel. However, many of us lack the assurance to answer honestly about Jesus’ role in our lives.

It is easy to say that Jesus is our Saviour, when in reality we look down on his sacrifice on the cross and we continue sinning. It is simple to affirm that he is the son of God, when in truth we do not even know God. It is easy to say that he is our Lord, when we actually see him as a slave who is obliged to grant our desires.

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