In 2017, the entire North America team at CV Americas received a request to pray for a woman who had gone into septic shock and was not expected to recover. Needless to say, we all began to pray for this woman named Callie. 

In our prayers we included her husband, their one year old daughter, and the baby boy Callie had just miscarried. We prayed that God would provide a miracle. We prayed for deliverance from death’s door.

Almost a year later we hadn’t heard much back except for an update from a source who said, much to our amazement, that Callie was still alive, albeit still in hospital and in critical condition.

In 2019, we were finally able to bring Callie and her husband, Kevin, into our office for a sit-down and chance to ask them questions while they shared their story with us on camera. It was a powerful moment in which we thanked God for his timing and deliverance.

There was so much to unpack from their recorded story that we didn’t quite know where to begin.

With all the changes that have occurred in our office between then and now, we’ve had to work and rework the purpose, direction, and intention of this story until we felt it could speak to our online inquirers, that is, people who are struggling with the goodness of God in the face of overwhelming circumstances and suffering.

What evolved after interviewing a family friend and their pastor, is a video that dramatises the events leading up to Callie’s sepsis, the miscarriage of baby Quinn, and Callie’s eventual recovery from the ICU, in a way that we hope, will communicate hope and trust in God even in the most strenuous of circumstances.

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