In 2018, Teacher and Campus Missionary, Jordan, came across the yesHEis app, not once but twice before his interest really peaked.

During one of his sermons, Pastor Peter mentioned the yesHEis app but it wasn’t until Jordan encountered the app again at a youth-discipleship conference, that he decided to download it. 

I decided to download it and was amazed at the content. The videos were short but filled with life-changing messages, so I started sharing the videos and blogs with friends—even used it during discipleship meetings. 

Jordan’s ministry was growing and, by 2019, sign-up for his schools-based Bible Study program was multiplying! And then, in 2020, Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) arrived. 

It was really challenging because as a Campus Ministry, immersion inside the campus, physical evangelism, and intentional discipleship were our strength. It also became difficult to raise support for the ministry and we were really concerned about the students who don’t have internet or have weak reception at home.

I wondered how we, Campus Missionaries, would cope with the situation, and how we must prepare for whatever was next? That was when I came across a yesHEis blog series called ‘Quarantine and the Campus Missionary.’

The blog inspired me to maximise what resources I already had to reach people—and what I had was the digital space. During the ECQ, I had plenty of time to reconnect with my old friends who haven’t received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. It was also an opportunity for me to check up on brothers who used to go to our Bible study but stopped. God truly is a way-maker. 

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