What If?

I ‘ve heard a book has been written that asks the question, ‘What if Jesus never came? ‘ I have not read the book, so this is not plagiarism, but the question intrigued me. As I write this, I ask the question:

What if Jesus hadn’t come?

There would be numerous consequences:

  1. We wouldn’t know that God existed for sure and we certainly wouldn’t know that He loved us.
  2. We couldn’t be the children of God by adoption through Christ. We would be orphans walking around this minute planet in the universe and our existence destined to be an irrelevant second in the eternity of time.
  3. There would be no New Testament with all the ethos and values that have formed such an integral part of our western civilisation and the basis of our law.
  4. There would be no Christians. If there were no Christians, all the things that Christians have been responsible for doing throughout the centuries, being motivated by their faith, would not have happened. Christians pioneered schools, hospitals, orphanages, democracy and the emancipation of slaves. Christians pioneered charities and brought civilisation to unreached people groups, freeing them from some terrible practises.

There are so many other things we could attribute to this wonderful event of the life, death and resurrection of Christ – there are too many to name. The ‘What if? ‘ brings with it unthinkable consequences but, thank God, He did come! He did live! He did die and He did rise from the dead, and today we are the recipients of untold blessings both now and for eternity because of this one precious life.

Thank you, Jesus.


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