We are People Reaching People

Stats are great; they really help shape our decisions, provide focus, and give indications of how yesHEis is performing across our eco-system.

However, we must always remind ourselves that our yesHEis users are people with names, stories, and a calling to be part of the greatest mission ever – reaching people in their world with the message of Jesus!

We must also remember that the ones we are ultimately trying to reach are people made in the image of God with an eternity at stake!

When we read scripture, we learn that God numbers the hairs on our head, which for some people is quite easy maths . I admit, however it does speak of a God who cares about the details. We also read that Jesus knows names, desires and thoughts He cares about you and I as people.

One of the challenges, as we come alongside Christians in evangelism, is to never simply systemise evangelism by taking away the human and relational aspects of it. There is a time to inspire, train and equip but also a time to get out of the way this is a balance we want to get right.

Evangelism in its simplest form is a Christian having a conversation with a non-Christian about Jesus; that’s what yesHEis is about!

I ‘m not really a fan of the term ‘digital evangelism ‘ or ‘offline/online ‘ – because we simply have a life to live and are each called to reach people in our world with the message of Jesus by all means necessary.

While technology is providing new tools and ways to help achieve this, it is all just another means to an end.

Here is a picture of 13,000 people gathered together at a concert. This is the amount of people whom, after watching videos shared from yesHEis, have gone on to click ‘Who is Jesus? ‘ in the past 4 weeks, indicating they want to know more about Him!

With currently over 210,000 monthly active Christians in our app, and over 130,000 people being introduced to Jesus every month through views of shared videos, let’s never forget that these numbers represent real people.

As we learn, grow, and refine our product, I ‘m more confident than ever that we are in the right space at the right time, fully aligned with the heart of God.

We are people reaching people.


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