Trauma Healing

CV Myanmar has joined forces with Breakthrough Language Centre (BLC) to bring a series of transformative training sessions to people across the country, aimed at helping them to heal from trauma. 

The program, which draws from the expertise of the Trauma Healing Institute, powered by the American Bible Society, seeks to provide much-needed support to those grappling with the aftermath of distressing experiences.

In collaboration with BLC, CV Myanmar successfully conducted two training sessions, with plans underway for a third. These sessions provided a safe space for attendees who have faced significant trauma to seek emotional and psychological healing. They were based on biblical teachings and principles that offer solace, and recovery.

The Trauma Healing Institute’s mission is to help the Church address the effects of trauma and loss with resources that integrate biblical and mental health principles. 

This mission dovetails perfectly with one of CV’s core objectives: to resource the Church with free content, training, and knowledge, which reinforces the value of this partnership.

The majority of attendees taking part in the course were church leaders representing various cities within the country. There were also missionaries and church planters from a regional district in Myanmar that has been severely affected by the civil war.

Those who participated said they felt healed as they progressed through the course and that it was relevant, applicable, and timely to their personal lives.

As CV Myanmar and BLC continue their mission to empower individuals with the appropriate tools to heal and grow, the collaboration promises to leave a lasting positive impact on communities across Myanmar.


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